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Wednesday I opened an email from Monterey Boat Works, the Marina I was trying to get Selene into. The email stated they were unable to recognize me as a customer due to my poor credit scores. Ever since grade school scores have been bumming me out.

Right now Selene is tied to her old owners mooring ball, he needs her off asap or risks getting in trouble with the county(losing his moorage). Dale has been a huge help in this transaction. The email denying my slip options in Monterey was depressing. It was good to finally fall asleep Wednesday night and forget the day.

I wake up Thursday morning ready to get serious again about finding a slip. Monterey Boat Works wasn’t interested in my plea for favor on my poor credit situation. So I meet with Dale, get some ideas, and head for Moss Landing. Another Marina, hopefully one that doesn’t run credit checks.

Cruising down Highway 1, an incredibly beautiful and soothing drive, my van stops running. It’s not the gas, it’s not the oil, it’s not the electronics. It’s the engine. Loud, stomach pounding, knocking noises as the engine quickly dies out with each start. Stranded on the side of some farm road I get out of the car and pop the hood. Maybe some medicine wagon will see me stranded on the side of the road and offer a miraculous potion that cures engine woes. This doesn’t happen.

Instead, a PT Cruiser labeled TomBoy Tools pulls along side me. There’s a lady driving and offers help. I’ve never met the lady before, this is California, and she stopped to offer help, miraculous. I ask for a cell phone to call Dale or maybe a tow truck. She doesn’t have one, but none cell phone carrying people are my kind of people. I knew we’d be getting along. Doesn’t have cell phone, but does have a an AAA Card and driveway for the van. So I get a tow to her house and call up Dale, the boats old owner.

First comes Val, the neighborhood mechanic. He checks the car, says it’s real bad, something with the engines timing. The conversation switches from my car to Sally’s car. Sally’s the lady whose driveway I’m now in. Sally’s talking about smog stories. Val and Fred start sharing their experiences. Fred’s convinced there’s a Mercedes with hemorrhoids behind the smog shop down the street. The smog shop passes every car it checks. Fred says every time that a car pulls up for smog, they stick the diagnostics up the tail pipes of the brand new Mercedes sitting behind the shop. Bingo, your old piece of junk passes.

Anyways, back to my car. Dale makes it just after dark. Listens to the engine a few times and agrees with Val. The knocking noise means somethings broken in the engine. My $1500 dollar van has suddenly become a very tiny apartment parked in front of Sally’s house. And remember, I still have no slip for Selene.

Sally happens to be the neighborhood cat lady, lots of cats. Nora, who had no idea the situation was ever bad, is now suddenly in dog heaven. Sally was the hero of my day, without her I’d probably still be stranded. Dale called her an Angel, he’s probably right. And go figure, she has an accessible, steaming hot, shower off the side of her house.

So today I wake up in my broken van out front of Cat Womens house. Nora chases the cats for a while and I get a hot shower. Later we stroll down to moss landing, about a mile from Sally’s. I talk with the Harbor Guys, they’re cool. They have slips available, they don’t run credit checks, and can get me in whenever I’m ready. Now I just have to come up with the slip fees and deposit, much cheaper than Monterey Bay Boat Works. Still lots of money for a guy who just bought a boat and broke a van.

At least today it’s all looking very possible, yesterday it wasn’t.

SunriseSitting in Isabele’s Coffee shop in Bethel, Maine waiting on videos to upload. I gotta use the restroom, then the creative juices will flow. Hopefully I’ll be less vulgar as well, hold on. Well now wait, there’s a girl in there now. She served me my turkey apple rueben sandwich, almost delicious. The apples were sour, I expected sweet. Tried to get over my expectations, couldn’t. However, the turkey was chunky, peeled right of the bone. Like a turkey sandwich the day after thanksgiving, it was nice. I think she’s done, hold on… well now I’m relieved, and a little less inspired than I thought I’d be. Somedays I know exactly what I’m doing, others the world is so big I think nothing can be done. It’s fun being human, and never really knowing what’s next, however nerve racking the experience. I looked at nora the other day and thought she knows what’s happening. I mean everything. The reasons why as well. It was simple and beautiful in her eyes. Then somebody sent me a link to a video that relates God to Dog. Yes, spell either one backwards and you get the other, how very clever. One created the other, both are mans best friend, both wait on man, both love man. This the video relayed. All I could think about was the God creating dog part… did he really create all this for us? Yeah, I’m not getting into this discussion. I don’t like God most days, he seems lost himself. His stories are so egotistical somedays. I created this for you to enjoy, you messed it up, let me send and kill my only son to save you, and the worlds gonna end any day now. I do like finding reason in life, but it doesn’t have to be because I was created. It could just be because I am, and can relate to you and them. The only reason that God seems necessary is the right and wrong we all know and feel. Those everyday concerns of “is this going to benefit or harm”, and we really don’t have a clue. Yet, it seems with each move, each way we choose, somedays end up bad and some good. I think that’s the relativity game, we have created comparison based on our feelings and response. Understanding that somethings are gratyfing and some not. But why must we try to relay that one is bad and one is good? Do you ever feel like your right there on the edge of knowledg’s horizon? about to see through it all. And then I get scared, knowing that ultimate knowledge is probably ultimately boring. However it doesn’t discourage me from trying to look over the edge just out of curiosity. What if you were the only one who didn’t know, the rest were playing the game to keep you wondering?

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