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Wasn’t that title cute. This state is incredible. Wide open. I’ve scene more God blessed landscape here than the entire east coast has to offer. I should have been writing more the past few weeks cause I’m not sure where to begin. My first stop was Devils Tower. Everyone tried to inform me that the Tower had been filmed in some famous movie. Good thing I never saw the flick. Pulling up to the tower with uniformed eyes was a travelers delight. You know all the skyscrapers filling our giant cities. Imagine if one turned to stone and the rest of the city melted away into cowboy country. The people standing on the corners transformed into trees. The roads flowing to streams and the traffic cops becoming park rangers.
I was invited to join in an Indian sweat-lodge. A white man invited me. We all sat in a flattened tepee and poured water over scalding hot rocks. Thankfully there was atleast one or two indians in the crowd, otherwise I would of feared for my life. The leading indian was an exact replica of Cheech from Cheech and Chong. He made this claim himself. I think the main reason I joined, now sad that I missed the 4th of July fireworks, was in hope that something would be smoked. It was only sage and tobacco. Both smell good but lack in hallucinations. It was a sweaty experience and I felt cleaner for my efforts.
I did meet another fellow a few years older than myself. After the ceremoniers left we commenced to make a giant pork and potatoes diner, then get filthy drunk with a high. This is when the real real spirituality began. Alchohol is great for letting people share their true emotions and talk about the Greater Power in an uninhibited manner. At one point I came across the thought of how it would feel to have created existence, set it loose, and then need to send salvation to your corrupt creation. Sometimes I’m just angry with God and feel like pondering his side of the story. Once sober I did remember how thankfull I am that God at least gave us the option to share in something. Otherwise there’d be nothing for me, and most of the time I realize that something is better.
After my experience at Devils Tower I ran into a good old fashioned American music festival. The BigHorn Mountian Festival in Buffalo Wyoming. The BigHorn Mountain Range is probably my favorite thus far. Because it’s somewhere around 100 miles from Yellowstone nobody knows about it. Except the local mountain folk. I partied for three days in a dusty old fairground with these folks and various other travelers. Danced right up in front of the stage listening to feet stomping blue grass. The sober moments where a bit strange for me. I’ve been alone on the road so long that it’s hard to be true socially. I try to be friendly and offer myself to people, but my way says lone traveler no matter what words I use. Sometimes the story sounds sad, sometimes it’s interesting for a moment, but always I’m the lone traveler. Which makes people a bit strange, atleast to me. All in all it was a great festival. At night the musicians would move into the camping area, gather around the fire with a few beers, there instruments, and just go for it. Plus I met some of the cutest girls I have scene thus far on the trip. I mean middle of america, grass roots beauty. True sweethearts. Unfortunately for me I was to much of the lone traveler to get past a hand shake and name exchange. I did catch one of the the girls peaking inside my van as she passed. It’s dark inside so she can’t see me, but I could see her gorgeous little hooded face taking a look. It drove me wild.
I stayed about four days up in the Big Horn Mountains. Saw a young buck and moose. Nora turned in a raging beast. The hair stood on her back, the depths of her vocals cords strained, and she chased both of them down with her front legs never touching the ground. Once she ran them off her nose went right back down the chipmunk hole she’d been investigating when they arrived.
I just entered Yellowstone area last night. It’s so beautiful here I can be nothing but at peace. So why I’m sitting here in a cafe being digital is beyond me. It’s time to go explore.

sittin with my shirt off, pants fallin off my waiste, and just plain lovin time up in the black hills. the very top of bear mountain is my parking spot, and nobody can hear my thoughts so i speak them out loud. there’s country music on the radio, you’ll be able to tell by the words I use to relay myself to ya. all the doors are open on the van and the view shoots out for a hundred miles in any way i look. pine beetles and fires have been putting a lot of work in the surounding woods, but it doesn’t bother me. The skies are as blue as the bird i saw sitting on an old fence post when i first pulled up. Some clouds are sittin on my left, and growing bigger every time i look. looking out across the pine fallen hills i can see the soft green grass filling back in. almost like watching history in reverse as the grasslands take back over. who knows maybe if i stay long enough the dessert sand will start to show. ahhh, they’re tryin to run some ads on the radio, off she goes. The breeze sounds better anyways. ontop of the car sits a black bag of water heatin in the sun. Have you ever had a hot shower atop bear mountain in south dakota? i’m checking it off my list here in a few. This day is just what I need, and I’m so thankful to be here. Lately I’ve spent to much time running around towns and bars, trying to be around people. Just aching to get my fill. But there’s no such thing as full when it comes to bars and people. So i’m off in the woods being still for a few days. The fourth of july is just around the corner and I can go wade around in the half empty bucket then.

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