I left home in Oregon last August and have been on the road ever since. My road trip started as a plan to build up publicity for my future sailboat cruising. Basically I want to document the road trip and prove myself worthy of sponsorship money for a sailboat, with which I would continue my traveling. I came close to purchasing a sailboat in Massachusetts, but decided to wait. I need to raise a little more money, or a lot more money, and want to continue my road trip for a while longer. Plus, I have to be in New Mexico come September so why not continue the road trip through this fall. Then I can purchase a sailboat out on the West Coast. I’ve been camping out of a car for the past 10 months and sharing most of the experience via and this here blog. Excuse the “this here blog”, the book in my car right now is Huckleberry Finn. I spent most of last summer in a Jeep Wagoneer around Colorado and Utah, then the Gulf for winter. The Jeep broke down and I have a little chevy van now. I’m sitting outside the library here in Bristol Vermont writing this About page. Summer has finally arrived and I’m excited to be spending it on the road. I’ll be heading up Vermont to the north east corner of New York. I’ll take the northern New York border down to Toronto, then its over to Michigan up to Wisconsin and that’s enough of a plan for now. I don’t have to be in New Mexico until mid September so I’ll cover plenty of ground along the Northern States then drop down somewhere along the continental divide. Sometime around October I’ll be arriving on the west coast and hope to purchase a project sailboat to continue my travels with. My dream is to sail to Hawaii and beyond. I’m working on my second youtube short film series to release this fall and hope to continue the documenting while sailing. If your interested in sponsoring my sailboat and travels then please visit the Sponsors page. I hope you enjoy sharing my travels with me. Jordan.

My idea is to create a story, using art to document my life. My aim is to express my thoughts, actions, ambitions, experiences, opinions, failures and triumphs. Using all the 21st century tools of media I want to capture and relay this story to anyone interested. I realize that I have no control over what the viewer will find, feel, learn, or even see when taking in my story. It’s not my goal to create a story in the common way, where an idea is expressed with all the necessary calculations to cause a intention full reaction in the recipient. My idea is simply to document and share, only the things I find interesting or entertaining. I have no ambition in regards to my viewers, other than to create a story that is open to all, never forced and always found.

What I am seeking in all this is not yet clear. If I had to state a reason today it would be about experience. Something to do with reflection, growing through interaction of my thoughts with others. I expect feedback, others opinions and others beliefs. The people I come in contact during this experience will enable me to understand life, maybe not in completion, but more so than I know now.

At this moment in my life I have a strong desire to move, be constantly on the move. Changing my surroundings as often as possible. Maybe this is because I’m disturbed with the idea of settling mentally. Or maybe I simply need to experience more than is offered in a stationary setting. I keep thinking it probably has something to do with my childhood, growing up I never stayed in one house more than a few years, never one school more than three years. At this moment I don’t see anything wrong with this upbringing. I’m excited about the desires I have to travel and continue to move from one place to another. I could just be young and not ready to settle, although I don’t think this is true. I think my tendency to move and travel in engrained and will remain. Until this desire changes I’m going to use to my advantage, and find success in it. I’ve already found reason to enjoy.

And finally, a little insight as to why I feel so strongly about these ambitions to travel. In 2000, when I was young and clueless as to what life held for me, the harshness and reality of this world set in. I was paralyzed from the waste down in a snowboarding accident. This went to the core of me ability to move, to travel, and experience new things. The logical thing to do after an accident like this would be learn to settle, stay comfortable and enjoy routine. I’ve tried and drives me insane, so I find myself making the extra effort and using my disability as an advantage. It’s really a small portion of myself and what has turned me into the person I am, but it has had a huge effect on my ability to dream. So the fact that my dream of traveling and remaining on the move has come through, I must go.

This is the beginning of my documenting, how long it will last I don’t know. I’m simply letting the idea evolve and not making it more than what it is, and idea. Something that came to me and is mine to play with, nothing necessary involved. This will be the story of my being.