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I purchased a sailboat, almost. Still owe $200 on the ship, and should be able to take care of that tomorrow. The biggest hurdle right now is going to be finding a slip and getting the boat to the slip. It’s a 28.5′ Pearson Triton Sloop, absolutely gorgeous. Problem is she’s only sitting pretty right now, not exactly moving pretty. The engine was pulled and needs to be replaced. Probably with an outboard for now. Most likely the boat will need to be towed into a slip. However, slips are not so easy to come by. Anyone have info on getting into a slip in Monterey Bay?
I’m dead tired, and embarrassed to be writing in such a sad state. Should of tackled this post last night right after I purchased the boat and sat on cloud 9 for a while. The previous owner had me over to his place so I could get a hot shower. We’ve been talking sailing ever since. He had so many great ideas for the boat before his plans changed. It’s been good comparing my future ideas with his past ideas. He’s gone as far as offering to help work on the boat when need be, and I’ll definitely be taking him up on the offer. I’ve never experienced purchasing anything and then becoming friends with the person I’m purchasing a thing from. But this is what’s happening. I really have no flow for writing right now. My coherency has been rearranged by the greener things in life, thanks to a little celebratory puff with the sailboats old owner. The stuff always steals sleep from me!
Right now I’m in maniac mood, covering the internet with post hoping to find a little help tackling the even bigger step of finding my new boat a home. Thanks for the support, pictures should be coming tomorrow!

Looked at the sailboat yesterday.  It’s not for me.  I went down to the marina convinced this was the boat.  Arrived early and took in the location, it seemed perfect.  The marina showers where accessible, very big deal to me.  Nora made friends with a sea otter, it was hands down the coolest wild life experience of my trip.  The dog was out swimming in the harbor and a sea otter pops up 4 feet in front of her, both staring at each other.  Nora swims toward the otter as it dives under her.  She’s curious, sticks her head under water trying to find the otter.  Otter pops up behind her, slaps the water.  Nora flips around and swims right up to it, they bat at each other with paws and flippers.  The sea otter dives under her again, popping up behind her and making more noise, nora flips around it disappears again.  The game continued for a few minutes before the otter went back to eating barnacles from the bottom of a boat.  It was one of the rare moments I didn’t have access to my camera, if i did the animals meeting would have never happened.  The people at the marina were friendly, we talked and i enjoyed them.  It appeared like the right place for me, and I knew the boat would be right for me.  The environment was perfect, this had to be the place.   I saw the boat, it was definitely a project.  A 30′ cheoy lee sloop, a model I’ve liked for a long time.  The owner showed up, he was drunk.  I convinced myself he wasn’t, this was suppose to be my boat.  We climbed aboard, he showed me around.  Everything needed work, nothing was in working order.  The only solid part of the boat was the cabin, which is the one part of the boat I would be tearing apart anyways.  Still I used my mind to make this my boat, it had to be.  I’m tired of driving around, ready to have a steady place.  So what if the owner is drunk, that doesn’t mean he’s selling a bad boat.  I sat there for hours trying hard to convince myself that this was the boat.  The excuses and reasons piled, I left continuing my own mental persuasion.  I should of been the guy selling the boat, not only was I sober, but i did a great job of creating the ideal buyers picture.  Later that day I found a shower, it had been a while as usual.  Amazing how hot water can change your entire outlook on life.  I shut off the water and realized the boat wasn’t for me.  I had fallen in love with an idea advertised on craigslist.  I was ready to finish my adventures in the van and move onto something new.  Thank goodness I gave it a prayer before showing up that day.  I saw another ad on craigslist today.  This time a Pearson Triton 28′ Sloop.  I’ll let you know.

I’m in Utah, about to cross into Nevada, dreaming of a sailboat in California. It’s a great feeling, as long as my old van keeps rolling. If you make it to Cedar City Utah be sure to try the Apple Blossom Green Tea, stuff is nice. It’s a 30′ Cheoy Lee Sloop, an old heavy fiberglass boat. Just what I need, my dream boat, at least until it sells to someone else. I’ve been emailing the couple, definitely don’t have enough to buy the boat outright, but maybe they’re willing to work with me. They didn’t say no. I need to get there, see the boat, and then we can talk. With the right people, and boat, sailboat transactions are a bit like craigslist pet adoptions. I love my dog, and so did her previous owner. Yes, there’s money involved, but love can’t be sold to just anyone. So I need to get out to California, meet the boat and it’s current owners. Maybe it will work. Maybe the boat will sell to someone else and I can begin to fall for the next boat appearing in picture on craigslist. I’m confident, and more importantly determined, to find my boat down by the bay. So in just a few days i’ll arrive somewhere around san francisco. Staying in campsites, walmart parking lots, and a few others, waiting to find my boat. If your interested in how I’ve been paying for my travels, check out the paypal sponsorship button. I get a monthly disability check that keeps me fed and fueled. The feds keeping me fed, that’s a scary thought. The paypal sponsorship money goes towards the sailboat fund. This fund has been building since I left oregon last year thanks to my faithful followers. With a little more help, very soon the fund will turn into an actual boat. Thanks everyone for following and supporting my travels. Listening to NPR this morning I was informed it’s National Grammar Day. Hopefully some day I’ll learn where the paragraphs go.


I’m in Santa Fe, NM with the realization that I’ve been traveling all this time by destination only. First the sailboat in Florida, didn’t happen. Now it’s been a summer across the states to my Granddads birthday, two weekends till. After which Ill be making the road trip to the west coast, another dream boat in mind. I am determined to find my sailboat. Once on this sailboat my destination will be Hawaii… and then? I wonder if anyone has ever set off to travel with no end in sight or even mind? I could relate to someone trying to find peace of mind, beauty in existing, living of necessity. However I’d imagine that I’d be hard pressed to find anyone traveling or living without destination in mind.
I met Jon on the creek north of Taos. He’s old and loves to hike. Doesn’t like his house. Jon seems to be the closest i’ve found to someone living or roaming without reason. However he still loves the beauty of the adventure. Almost someone who’s really living for the moment now.
I don’t know if now really exist? It’s gone as soon as?
Survival is one thing. The fittest doesn’t always survive. Then there’s something else? Don’t answer “the reason question” with why? you did ask.

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