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this is the most frustrating interface to use ever.

Trying to get myself more attention, i think.  This is why I’ve joined wordpress, start blogging my travels to gain the support that seems necessary for me to continue.  On the road I often find myself sitting in a Starbucks loaded with caffeine dreaming of starting something new like this wordpress account.  Writing under the influence of caffeine is a sporadic adventure in how many different ways can i word my thoughts.  I have been writing on paper lately, recording my remembrance from the first leg of my travels.   I drove across the United States with a dog in a jeep wagoneer.  Once I’m done writing this account on paper I hope to post is here.  Hopefully this will turn into a place for me to relay my trek across the land.  I’m trying not to be to cute when I write, so please bear with me.   While I write I’m listening to conversation of the two men seated next to me, one a young biblical counselor who appears to be practicing on his friend.  Instantly I wonder what his deepest darkest pleasure is as he sits encouraging his fellow man, you know?

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my course

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