Stopped the trip a few weeks ago on Lasqueti Island after a crazy crossing of the Georgia Strait.  I quit for a multitude of reason… fatigue, loneliness, sores from rowing, and lack of boat.  These pictures were taken by some sailboat cruisers hooking me up with water after I ran out while waiting for the weather to change on the Belize Islands.  Videos and maybe a full write up coming soon.  Thanks for all the support!ImageImage

Bride over Klammath

Picture taken after being awoken by a rain storm, while sleeping in the river bed. Not my best sleeping spot. Good to prep for all the rain I’ll hopefully not see on the Inside Passage. Voyage starts this summer!

First night camping in the canoe on Redfish Lake, located in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.

Waking up on Lake McDonald, inside Glacier National Park, inside a Grumman Sailing Canoe.

Rowing and camping in Canoe under a full moon on Lake McDonald inside Glacier National Park

Good test of the canoes sailing rig during some strong winds on Lake McDonald, plus I get denied a mooring ball during the afternoon blow.

Camping in a canoe on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana

Video documents my last day of canoe camping on Lake Tahoe, California. Beautiful calm morning for rowing out of Emerald Cove. Make some coffee on the middle of the lake. Then the wind picks up as I sail into the Marina to complete this journey.

Sail and Row into Emerald Cove on Lake Tahoe. Learn the Sail/Row combo for going into the wind. Setup camp for the night on the Canoe inside beautiful Emerald Cove Lake Tahoe just across from the island with Castle atop. Good shot of Nora standing on a rock as well. youtube channel jordansname

Inside Passage Satellite Tracker

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