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Was  awaken at 12:16 this morning.  Haven’t slept sinced.  Thought is was probably the proudly blue, often friendly blue, sometimes a big to cocky blue, it wasn’t.  This girl climbed in my van and handed me her brand new pipe.  It was sweet, we passed and got sweeter.  I knew I would not get any sleep afterwards, but my day had to start somewhere.  I laid in the car and dreamt for about 5 hours.  What I mean is it was absoluty freezing outside, so I stayed in the van and played with my mind.  Convincing myself i’m capable of all those thing possible in my mind.  I’m still a little rambly now.   Just said good morning to a gal I met yesterday, she recommended coastal coffee.  It’s small here, perfect for traveling in my perspective.  I’m not sure about where I”m at with people in general.  I still have hangups about interaction.  Never knowing what I want, but alone is not what I want.  I’m very deep in this thought.

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