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I’m in Utah, about to cross into Nevada, dreaming of a sailboat in California. It’s a great feeling, as long as my old van keeps rolling. If you make it to Cedar City Utah be sure to try the Apple Blossom Green Tea, stuff is nice. It’s a 30′ Cheoy Lee Sloop, an old heavy fiberglass boat. Just what I need, my dream boat, at least until it sells to someone else. I’ve been emailing the couple, definitely don’t have enough to buy the boat outright, but maybe they’re willing to work with me. They didn’t say no. I need to get there, see the boat, and then we can talk. With the right people, and boat, sailboat transactions are a bit like craigslist pet adoptions. I love my dog, and so did her previous owner. Yes, there’s money involved, but love can’t be sold to just anyone. So I need to get out to California, meet the boat and it’s current owners. Maybe it will work. Maybe the boat will sell to someone else and I can begin to fall for the next boat appearing in picture on craigslist. I’m confident, and more importantly determined, to find my boat down by the bay. So in just a few days i’ll arrive somewhere around san francisco. Staying in campsites, walmart parking lots, and a few others, waiting to find my boat. If your interested in how I’ve been paying for my travels, check out the paypal sponsorship button. I get a monthly disability check that keeps me fed and fueled. The feds keeping me fed, that’s a scary thought. The paypal sponsorship money goes towards the sailboat fund. This fund has been building since I left oregon last year thanks to my faithful followers. With a little more help, very soon the fund will turn into an actual boat. Thanks everyone for following and supporting my travels. Listening to NPR this morning I was informed it’s National Grammar Day. Hopefully some day I’ll learn where the paragraphs go.


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