I’m in Santa Fe, NM with the realization that I’ve been traveling all this time by destination only. First the sailboat in Florida, didn’t happen. Now it’s been a summer across the states to my Granddads birthday, two weekends till. After which Ill be making the road trip to the west coast, another dream boat in mind. I am determined to find my sailboat. Once on this sailboat my destination will be Hawaii… and then? I wonder if anyone has ever set off to travel with no end in sight or even mind? I could relate to someone trying to find peace of mind, beauty in existing, living of necessity. However I’d imagine that I’d be hard pressed to find anyone traveling or living without destination in mind.
I met Jon on the creek north of Taos. He’s old and loves to hike. Doesn’t like his house. Jon seems to be the closest i’ve found to someone living or roaming without reason. However he still loves the beauty of the adventure. Almost someone who’s really living for the moment now.
I don’t know if now really exist? It’s gone as soon as?
Survival is one thing. The fittest doesn’t always survive. Then there’s something else? Don’t answer “the reason question” with why? you did ask.