and iMovie will be ready for my video editing expertise. The line between solitude and commune is thickening. Today I transitioned. Went from being completely alone aside a roaring creek to surrounded by humans and my electronics in a cafe. There’s an even larger roaring creek beyond the patio of the cafe and yet it seems so much smaller than the one I was along this morning. Can you tell I’m a bit agitated? I’ll have to start writing on pen and pad for a few of these entries, or your never going to catch me at peace. The computer is being a bitch, and my time is running out in the cafe, money wasted is agony gained. Dreamingly i consider walking away from it all, no more connections, no more electronics, no more money. But how? The electronics easy… but the currency part is tough. I’d try bartering, but my skills seem to be confined to electronics. I’d have to learn to make something with my hands, sell on the side of the road, then I’d be back to the money. I need to learn more about survival, providing for myself off land. But who am I kidding? I’d be rolling up into my solitude using a wheelchair that I have no idea how to create from scratch. My guess is no one does… sure one guy knows how to make metal, another knows how to shape it, somebody can create rubber, somebody else can create the mold, and then simple old joe handles the assembly. But me all alone up in the woods, i’d have to develop my own transportation. Something I knew how to create and could maintain. Probably a boat. This is part of my longing to be on the sea. Transporting oneself is much different at sea. Nobody walks around on the water except Jesus. The rest of us are reduced, or maybe upgraded, to swimmers. Depends on who you ask. I feel much more capable and equal to able bodied people when in the water. Not that I care about being equal or similar to anyone. I’m saying it makes my physical life seem more able. I can float, I can paddle, I can drift, I can sail. Then I just have to figure out the food part and I should be good.