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First night camping in the canoe on Redfish Lake, located in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.

Waking up on Lake McDonald, inside Glacier National Park, inside a Grumman Sailing Canoe.

Rowing and camping in Canoe under a full moon on Lake McDonald inside Glacier National Park

Camping in a canoe on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana

Sail and Row into Emerald Cove on Lake Tahoe. Learn the Sail/Row combo for going into the wind. Setup camp for the night on the Canoe inside beautiful Emerald Cove Lake Tahoe just across from the island with Castle atop. Good shot of Nora standing on a rock as well. youtube channel jordansname

Spent 4 days sailing and camping around Lake Tahoe in my canoe. This video covers day two, with a lot of headwind rowing and a fantastic spots to sleep in the canoe. Check out all the canoe videos at

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