a little town called Paradise, Michigan. It’s a really little town, with one flashing light. There’s no fast food, no walmart supercenter, and maybe not even a police station. I love these little towns, people here just don’t care. The good and warm kind of not caring, the not caring that matters.
My head is foggy, slowly clearing up and the sun is slowly coming out. I had one toxin filled weekend, a memorial day spent trying to completely destroy my memory. I’m slowly coming back into my travel groove. And I love my travel groove, it’s me, my mind is alive when I’m in my travel groove. Life may not make any more sense when I’m traveling. But at least there’s more of it, and more non sense helps to make non sense feel alright. Just a little non sense is annoying, and a ton just seems normal. I’m I making any sense?
Not sure why I went for a mentally hazardous weekend. I smoked to much weed and drank to much beer and wasted to much good food. Somewhere in the middle I swam across Heart Lake, and back. Got really emotional. The second night(i believe), as I sat around the campfire with about 20 michiganians, I began to cry. I can’t tell you why for sure, probably just overwhelmed by suddenly being around so many nice people. Somebody reminded me of my brother, they had the same name was all. There was an uncle Bob, and I have an uncle Bob. Anyways, I was high, and highly emotional, and started crying. I was talking about swimming across heart lake then this crying story? what.
The trip has been great. Ups and Downs as usual. My mind has gaps in it right now, upending my efforts to convey.
I saw Niagara falls. There where tons of Indians there. Not Native Americans, but people from India. They were on both the US and Canada side. Should of asked one of them why, but I was to busy watching an unbelievable amount of water drop from a cliff. There’s so much mist and water in the air it’s impossible to see the majority of the falls. The air had the most refreshing quality I’ve experienced to date. Pulling up to niagra falls was a bit like pulling up to disney land, it was as if they had captured the great Niagara falls, put it in a park and where selling tickets to view. All in all it was a great deal. The indian food was delicious and the waterfall was spectacular.
Alot’s happened between the falls and me now sitting in my car along lake superior in michigan. Please excuse my lazy grammar and thought processing, and be sure to check my youtube channel this fall for everything I didn’t tell you about here. yada yada yada yada yada yup.